Sis & Me Mobile Catering

Two catering trucks  available to serve your function!

Direct to your sports fund raising event: Commission's can be paid on the same day. You can directly sell/presell or we can collect for you.

Our trucks are fully equipped with electrical generators to serve your sport's event I.E. track and field, football, baseball, soccer tournament's, charitable fund raising events etc.
Serving Quality Foods Since 1996
City & Provincial licence and Health inspected
Level 1 food handler certified
On site liability insurance ($2,000,000)

Our Sports Menu Choices:

 Fries We use "0" Trans Fat Canola oil and we do not salt or season the fries.
Fresh Cut(No salt added) or McCain frozen.
 Gravy Vegan - Nestle brown gravy
                  "0" Trans Fat
 Poutine Mozzarella Cheese /Vegan - Nestle brown gravy
 Perogies 4 large hand made potato cheese, served with sour cream
 Hot Dogs
8 inch  European or All Beef
 Corn Dogs
 Hamburgers 4 oz. Charbroiled Patti
 Cheese Burger
4 oz. Charbroiled Patti with cheese slice
 Chicken Burger
Lettuce / Tomato / Mayo
 Chicken Fingers
3 large - honey dill / sweet & sour sauce
 Veggie Dog
Ivy's - Jumbo
 Veggie Burger
Money's   Lettuce / Tomato / Mayo
 Onion Rings  
BBQ Pulled Pork   Served on a Bun          

Condiment's - ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, relish, banana peppers and diced onions etc.

  We also serve: Upon request


 Chips - Baked
 Chocolate Bars
 Juices  Ice Cream Novelties
  Revello/ fudgesciles and Jumbo Freezie's
 Apples/Oranges/ Bananas
 Walking taco in a bag
 Soft Drinks - cans
 Bottled Water - 500ml
 Hot Chocolate
 Fruit Cup (Pre-Order)
 Veggie Cups / Dip
 (carrots and celery)(pre-order)
 Veggie/Chicken Wraps / Ranch Dressing

French Fry Fact: A recent U.S.D.A. health study state's that a serving of 2% milk has more trans fat compared with an equal size serving of fries when using "regular" canola oil. Please note: We use "0" trans fat canola oil.
Fill out our Contact Form to have us cater your sport's event or
phone our office 204-488-7101 or cell 204-941-9599  to book your event.
Food item's pricing/commission 10 -20%
PLEASE NOTE: Ice cream Novelties I.E. Fudgsicle, revello, freezies are available.